My child had a wonderful experience and we felt that it has exceeded our expectations. It has been a very safe, comfortable and nurturing place for my child to learn and grow. He has been loved, cared for and enriched by the curriculum and activities during the time he has spent there and blossomed so much.

— Mason, 2019 Graduate parent

My daughter had joined this preschool when she was 18months old. She had a splendid time during the school time and she even misses all the teachers. Katie and the teachers would take care of each child and give the entire details to the parents each day. They had lots of activities and learning lessons during the day and my daughter learnt quite a bit. Before choosing curious beans, we had visited around 10 other preschool and found this one to be best. I would highly recommend this preschool to anyone.

— Kashvi, 2020 Graduate parent

Our daughter goes to this daycare. We are so happy with everything here, the teachers are super nice, responsible and skillful. The curriculums is also wonderful. Our girl loves her teachers so much that she keeps mentioning their names even after 6 months of separation due to COVID-19. Our girl started when she was 20 months old. She never left family and had a hard time adjusting to the new environment. She was actually declined by another daycare when she was younger since she cried nonstop. It was teachers at Shu Academy who were so patient and loving to her that helped her adapt to daycare life so smoothly.

… …

My daughter and us will always be thankful to their teachers.

— Olivia, 2021 Graduate parent

The teachers care deeply about all of the kids, and they are always positive, nurturing, and high-energy. My daughter learned new things every day because of their wide range of activities like art projects, cooking, music, yoga, letters, counting. The student to teacher ratio is unbeatable, and the kids all form strong bonds with each other and their teachers because of it.

— Ada, 2018 Graduate parent

My son (just turned 2) has been going…. and I’ve seen a huge change in his overall pace of development. At his previous daycare, he wasn’t challenged at all, and we were worried he had some sort of cognitive delay. Now he’s very lively and has strong communication. I attribute a lot of that success to his new preschool. Katie and the teachers are very warm, attentive, and strike a good balance between providing a safe experience and a convenient/fulfilling experience, given COVID. Every day, they do fun activities like singing, reading, and crafting, and I get lots of info on how he’s doing via tons of high quality photos. By looking at the photos, I get a much better sense of how well he interacts with the teachers and other kids. Katie is super communicative and responsive. I’m very very glad we switched.

— Devin, Current student parent

Our two year old is headed into her second month here and we are extremely happy to have found this school for her! She had no group play experience prior to starting at Shu Academy and she has adjusted beautifully, and while I don’t spend too much time in classroom, all I have witnessed during drop off and pick up is caring, fun, engaged teachers and excited, diverse, and always smiling kids – or *friends* as they call them. I am so grateful to every teacher. It is truly incredible to see the development in my daughter’s speech and social skills in just two months!

Ellie, 2022 Graduate parent